From a young age Nicholas was exposed to a workshop environment and realised the importance of well designed highly crafted objects. His Father and Grandfather both being fitter and machines instrument makers by trade naturally directed Nicholas into a similar path. 

At the age of 25 Nicholas' journey has been an interesting one. Nicholas is a part of a rare breed, a fully qualified furniture maker by trade, completed with a local Canberra Designer Maker - Scott Mitchell. This allowed him to learn an hone skills to a high level. After completing his trade he started at the Australian National University (School of Art) studying a furniture design degree. Completing his second year and about to start the final year Nicholas took program leave. He had decided to move away from Canberra and began as an associate at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. Nicholas completed his associate program in 2015 and had recently worked in studio space's such as George Street in Thebarton SA. Nicholas has recently become the program manager of the Jam factory Furniture studio alongside Jon Goulder. Nicholas' personal studio space is also based out of the Jam Factory in studio 6. 

During these years Nicholas has pursued the path of a Designer Maker style practice, a fine balance but this allows Nicholas' work to excel in the design and manufacture of furniture and product. He looks at his work to enrich everyday living and consists of product, commissions and limited run collectables.